Caleb Kahn
Caleb Sitting On A BenchCaleb Outside Of Bradley UniversityCaleb in cap and gown

Quick Questions

Your Major/Minors?
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Where Do You Live?
Computer Science Major, Concentration in Computer Game Technology, Game Production Minor, User Experience Design Minor
Bradley University, class of 2024
I live in Algonquin, Illinois, but I am open to relocation
Why Do You Create Video Games?
Video games have always been a core part of my life. When I made my first video game in 6th grade, I loved the process of designing games and seeing people enjoy it. Additionally, I enjoy the challenge of programming and being able to learn something new every day. Since then, my passion has only grown, and I found that I enjoy working with people in the industry who are just as passionate and talented.
Personal Life
When I'm not creating games, I spend my free time hanging out with my dog, Buddy. On my own, I watch YouTube or anime and play video games. I love beating all varieties of games, including metroidvanias and platformers like Hollow Knight. I enjoy unique experiences that challenge me, such as my favorite game Inscryption.